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11th Grade - Spanish III
Ms. Sarah Mullen

Course Description:
During the final year of language instruction at Prep Charter School, we seek to instill fluency of expression, as well as a higher level of writing proficiency. Each student is given the building blocks To develop the ability to read literature in the target language.

Course Objectives:
The Spanish Language Program at Prep provides ample opportunity to develop skills in:
Speaking the foreign language.
Deciphering the foreign language.
Reading the foreign language as it is written, in poetry, prose, drama, song, etc.
Writing concisely and constructing well-worked sentences and compositions.
Interpreting foreign language and its culture.

Course of Study:
Each student at Prep Charter High School receives three years of a foreign language. This is consistent with the requirements for admission to any four-year college program.

Program Philosophy:
The study of foreign language and culture is an integral part of a complete education. We hope to fill the growing need in today's society, to understand the uniqueness and individual value of other cultures.

In addition to the social benefits, there are practical applications for the study of language as evidenced by the increasing need for bilingual individuals in the business world. The knowledge of other languages affords a person more options in both their professional and personal life.

The goal of foreign language study is the development of well-rounded individuals. By expanding the vocabulary, and cultural appreciation of our students, we expand their world.

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