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Community Parent Advisory Council (CPAC)

CPAC is the Home & School Association of Prep Charter and is composed of parents and members of our school community. Two members of CPAC are also elected delegates to Prep Charter's Board of Trustees.
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CPAC Board Members

Jennifer Massenburg, President
Stacey Bryant, Secretary
Daneé Wright, Treasurer

CPAC meets the second Tuesday of each month, in accordance with the following calendar. These meetings are open to all interested parents and guardians of Prep Charter School students. Meetings begin at 6:30 PM and are held at 1928 Point Breeze Avenue, Philadelphia, PA.
Please ring the doorbell to gain entrance.

CPAC Parent Meetings 2014-2015

September 9, 2014
October 7, 2014
November 11, 2014
December 9, 2014
January 13, 2015
February 10, 2015
March 10, 2015
April 14, 2015
May 12, 2015
June 9, 2015
July 14, 2015

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote and support the safety and well being of our students by utilizing the team approach, which includes parents, students, teachers and staff. We will provide the services needed to create a family atmosphere, to enable the students of The Preparatory Charter School of Mathematics, Science, Technology & Careers (Prep Charter High) to develop and grow within the school community.

Parental Minimum Requirements for Volunteer Hours

A parent/guardian of each household must participate in ten (10) hours annually in school related activities.
These are counted as follows: two (2) hours counted for each Report Card Conference (there are two); one (1) hour for Back to School Night; Night and five (5) scheduled volunteer hours. Throughout the school year, parents can choose which projects and activities to volunteer for. However, if you are unable to volunteer, in lieu of the five (5) volunteer hours, parents must give a donation of $20.00 to the Home & School Association, CPAC, before the end of the school year.

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